Flexlock is a unique lock system for the smart workplace

Flexlock is a flexible and secure lock system, easy to use and easy to integrate in various storage units in the workplace. The lock can be fitted to new and existing furniture items. The lock is controlled using a key card or tag, and the lock’s function can be configured to your unique requirements, regardless of whether it is for permanent or temporary storage.

Flexlock is available in two versions: Flexlock Visible and Flexlock Invisible. The authorisation level for each user’s key card is set for each unique user. The settings can be easily changed if the need arises.

Flexlock can be implemented with the existing cards or tags used in the workplace without affecting existing systems. This means the same card can be used to access both the work station and various storage units. The locks are battery-powered, maintenance-free, reliable in use and feature a long service life. Flexlock is a simple, smart, secure and durable lock solution.

Flexlock support

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Radio-frequency identification is a technology for reading information remotely. Flexlock is a compatible system that works with the most popular RFID technologies. It can use existing cards and tags, and Flexlock only reads general information and does not integrate with the network.

Flexlock Invisible

The invisible lock is fitted on the inside of the furniture so that it is never visible from the outside, thus giving the furniture an elegant and neat appearance. It is easy to install, use and re-program as required. Three lock plates are available to accompany Flexlock Invisible, having a variety of functions, such as a catapultic pin to make opening storage units easy or customisation for sliding doors and pull-out drawers.


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Flexlock Visible

Robust rotary lock. Flexlock Visible is mainly used for storage and changing areas where there are special requirements governing the design of the lock. The lock is easy to use and re-program as required. Suits most set-ups which currently rely on a cylinder lock with a diameter of 22 or 19 mm. Lock cams are available in several different lengths and designs to match different storage units.


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Easy Access


Simplicity should feature throughout, from installation and instructions to use and programming. The lock can be easily re-programmed to add or remove users – or to configure it with a different type of locking function. Flexlock is a battery-powered stand-alone product that does not require an external power supply.


With its proven and widespread RFID technology and smart management cards, Flexlock is a secure solution for the workplace. Each user card has a unique ID number – no integration with an IT network is needed.


Flexlock comes programmed by default for permanent storage linked to one or more users. Other programmable functions, such as temporary time-specified storage, can be purchased as add-ons. Flexlock can be customised to your requirements and is bound to be a feature of the smart workplace.


Flexlock and its integrated software have been developed in Sweden, and are manufactured here using proven technology. The software has been specially developed and customised for furniture fittings and storage units, so that it will work throughout the entire furniture chain. The lock is maintenance-free, reliable in use and features a long service life.

Guide & Checklist

In our guide you can read a short summary of Flexlock’s various applications. Compare the type of storage unit with Flexlock’s five different programming settings. The checklist is intended for those wishing to install Flexlock in existing storage units. How thick should the side panel of the cabinet be and will the lock work in a metal cabinet?

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