Unique lock system for all interior fittings

FlexLock is a flexible and secure lock system, easy to use and easy to integrate in those items of furniture you want to be able to lock. It is based on a key card that allows access to all the units the user is authorised to access. This means the same card can be used to access both the work station and various storage units.



The locks can be fitted to furniture at the time of manufacture, or retrofitted to existing interior fittings.


The lock can be easily reprogrammed to add or remove users - or to configure it with a different type of locking function.


FlexLock and its integrated software have been developed in Sweden, and are manufactured here using proven and widely used RFID technology.

The software has been specially developed and customised for furniture fittings and storage units, so that it will work throughout the entire furniture chain. The lock is maintenance-free, reliable in use and features a long service life.

Read more about Flexlock and manage your locks at flexlock.se

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Tomas Horvath

Tomas Horvath